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Working At Waterworks

Monday, 6 July 2015 15:22:19 Europe/London

Window Cleaning Training at Waterworks

This is Kyle the new apprentice for waterworks, I have been cleaning since October 2014 and I’m writing an update on how it’s going so far.


When I first started cleaning some of the problems I was having was that I kept leaving streaks on the window after I had used my squeegee, but at the same I couldn’t get the hang of the constant motion of my wrist and trying to guide the squeegee. Also I was always missing the corners, so it was leaving big drips which meant I had to redo the window and this happened multiple times whilst on the job.


But after some practice I am now able to guide the squeegee in the right direction and move my wrist in a fluent motion and I have now improved my speed when cleaning the windows without leaving big streaks behind. So I can now use all the traditional equipment in the right way.


Secondly, some of my preferred equipment:


  • The water fed pole

  • Power UP


In my opinion this pair is the best set of equipment you can use on the job. The water fed pole is just a step forward from using a squeegee and a traditional pole, it allows you to reach the places you can reach on foot plus you give the windows and the frames a good scrub.


But the power UP tops everything it makes your work life so much easier, us window cleaners know how much of a pain it is to manually reel in a full length of 100m hose, and then the struggle of having to untangle the knots and trying to prevent it from getting snagged on the way in. But the power is just a miracle whilst on the job because at the click of a button you can just watch your hose reel its self in. in addition to this it will save you time from moving to different jobs and packing up when you have finished.


On another note my favourite window cleaning job has to be the Corby Cube, because even though the job is hard going because there is so many windows when I am working on the job it is relaxing and I can just take my time and listen to music whilst I am working also it is a good place to try out the new tools as there is a range of different shaped windows.


In conclusion my time here so far has been great, my boss respects me as a friend and his apprentice, and also he is very good at explaining to me on how to use all the equipment and all of the qualities of the job. I will admit I find it stressful at times but after a while I just get stuck in to it and do a good job and have fun whilst I am doing it.







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Out Of Hours Window Cleaning

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 11:26:46 Europe/London

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