PowerUP (Gen 3) Complete window cleaning reel fully assembled and ready to accept your existing microbore hose. Perfectly balanced for window cleaning microbore hose with responsive and agile winding for all WFP or pure water systems. Powerful 12v 340W motor for hauling in up to 200M of minibore or microbore 6mm - 8mm hoses Highly accurate gearing provides sufficient winding speed with low torque (snagging) IP Rated Momentary Push Button Control for improved reaction speed Can be fixed anywhere in your van, tank mounted, van mounted, trailer mounted Winds in 100M in 30 seconds at 12V Now even easier to pull out! Pure water window cleaning can often be frustrating, particularly when making a high number of stops per day such as in domestic window cleaning or when working at maximum hose length. We have identified reel winding as the leading cause of frustration and fatigue, which is why we have developed Power Up. Power Up by Waterworks Window Cleaning Ltd is the worlds first 'window cleaning specific' electric reel winder and is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of our industry. Its agile and responsive but, has enough grunt to haul in 200M when required. Listen to the growing number of user testimonials and pull the trigger, you won't regret it!

Electric Window Cleaning Hose Reel Manufactured by Waterworks (PowerUP)

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