Waterfed Window Cleaning Pole Systems at Waterworks

There are some options to consider when buying water fed pole systems such as where you will produce your pure water and how you’re going to get it to your window cleaning pole. Will you choose a trolley system or a van mounted water fed pole system, etc.

Our recommendation based on our first-hand knowledge of pure water window cleaning is a van mounted system with fixed electric reels, PowerUP!

It is commonly acknowledged in the industry that wherever possible it is more convenient and efficient to use a van mounted system focused on delivery / DI only and to produce or buy your water elsewhere. In addition, it is increasingly acknowledged that reels fixed inside the van and particularly fixed PowerUPs is most efficient of all.

Our latest system ‘700L’ has the option of tank mounted PowerUP-HD meaning it is the most efficient of all water fed pole systems. Your window cleaning pole system is on the glass longer every day meaning you can increase your work load without fatigue or just enjoy more time at home.