Window Cleaning Systems at Waterworks

Pure water window cleaning systems have remained the same for many years since their popular introduction in the 1990s. We have all been pulling heavy trollies over rough ground with trailing hoses or winding in 100M of hose up to 40 times a day.

Our new window cleaning systems in conjunction with our extremely popular electric reel PowerUP-HD is changing all that and the effects are dramatic on both efficiency and fatigue.

What is new? PowerUP was designed and manufactured by Waterworks specifically for the reach and wash industry with its high number of stops and long lengths of hoses. Hundreds have been sold as a stand-alone product as they can be added to any existing window cleaning systems. Our customers frequently tell us ’I’ll never wind in 100M again’

In the wake of the success of PowerUP, we have developed the world’s most efficient window cleaning system ‘700L’ and the result has been outstanding. It has a number of additional options such as HD Hose Guides and our latest HD Security Pulleys and is changing the direction of the industry.

Let us share with you what we have found to be the world’s most efficient WFP system.